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Tech Phenomenon Countdown Emails Sponsorship

Price $4,000.00

Tech Phenomenon countdown emails reach thousands of current and potential conference registrants. This communication leading up to event is met with great anticipation as the event approaches.  Each email is sent to thousands of  professionals. 

Keynote & Special Speakers Countdown – Date TBA 

Exhibition Countdown – Date TBA

Logistics Countdown – Date TBA 

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Tech Phenomenon Daily Deal

Price $5,000.00

A powerful pre-show marketing option to assist with scheduling appointments during the Tech Phenomenon event, increase interest in and awareness of your solutions.

The Tech Phenomenon Daily Deal:

When you purchase this sponsorship, Tech Phenomenon will email your conference deal one time to attendees who opt into the program. The Tech Phenomenon Conference Deal provides attendees the option to schedule a meeting during Tech Phenomenon, plan a visit to your company booth or forward the deal to a friend. 

Availability: 30 In Stock

Tech Phenomenon “Tech Tuesday” Email Sponsorship

Price $3,500.00

“Tech Tuesday” emails reach thousands of current and potential conference registrants and each email is available for exclusive sponsorship. These are one of the largest-reaching email communications and are met with great anticipation as the event approaches. Each email focuses on a specific innovation and technology topic, combining industry information with the programs, activities and events at conference that focus on the topic.

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