Enterprise Security

Products to detect, prevent, protect and respond to cyber threats and attacks on business or government organizations

Healthcare IT

Software solutions, platforms, apps for hospitals and health systems for clinical documentation, decision support, billing, administration, patient engagement and a shift to value-based care

Artificial Intelligence

Technologies enabling machines to exhibit human-like intelligence and their applications across industries

Online Retail

Companies that enable the sales of goods directly to consumers through an online-first channel


Tech-based tools for marketing campaign execution and optimization to engage prospects across multiple digital channels

Alternative Lending

Online lending platforms which are not operationally backed by traditional financial institutions, and use alternate data points for credit scoring, and tech enablers for the same.


Solutions that help businesses in sourcing, training, engaging, and managing their human resources

Transport Tech

Online Platforms that enable intercity and intracity road transportation services, parking management services and fleet management solutions.


Products, apps and tools to enhance teaching practices and improve learning outcomes

Online Travel

Online platforms that enable users with inter-city travel planning, discovery, booking, and sharing travel activities and experiences: companies providing tech solutions for travel operators and agents


Platforms that facilitate discovery, ordering, and delivery of food, and companies offering technology solutions for restaurants

RealEstate Tech

Online platforms for enabling and enhancing buying, selling, renting and leasing of real estate properties

Logistics Tech

Tech enabled companies enabling matching and movement of goods between shippers and carriers, and offering technology solutions for optimizing and managing overall logistics activities

Business Intelligence

Companies that provide solutions for mining, extracting, analyzing, visualizing, and reporting enterprise data

Internet of Things

Solutions interconnecting industrial machines and processes for improving efficiency by developing insights from machine generated data


Companies leveraging technology for increasing overall efficiency of agriculture value chain; agricultural biotech companies; and agribusinesses using innovative technology for cultivation, processing and supply

Insurance Tech

Internet first insurance companies; companies that help in the distribution of insurance products and companies that provide software solutions and data analytics solutions to the insurance industry

Investment Tech

Platforms offering investment opportunities to retail and institutional investors, and companies providing software solutions and financial data to facilitate public and private market investing


Online Video

Tools to create, distribute, and manage videos for viewing across online platforms

Healthcare Analytics

Analytics solutions for hospitals and health systems that help gain insight into clinical operations, revenue cycle process, and facilitate subsequent decision making

Finance & Accounting Software

Software to help companies manage their finance and accounting functions

Banking Tech

Companies that provide software and product services to banks. Also includes full stack digital banks, ne0-banks, licensed payment institutions and rebranded front ends of existing banks


Traditional web-based, offline and alternate payment acceptance solutions providers, prepaid card issuers, tech solutions (anti-fraud, encryption, authentication) providers

Customer Service Software

Platforms that help enterprises provide customer services during and post sales operations


Technologies that enable buying, selling and managing of advertisement campaigns across digital channels and devices

Ecommerce Enablers

B2B platforms that help retailers, brands, or manufacturers operate their businesses online

Enterprise Collaboration

Products that help enterprises in collaborating, communicating internally and documenting, knowledge management tools

IT Operations

Platforms to manage, monitor, and automate the IT infrastructure in organizations

Open Source

Software or hardware companies that make their source code available with a license to change, modify, and re-distribute the code along with commercializing their product through premium features and services

Mobile Communication

Companies facilitating messaging, calling and sharing multimedia between users through OTT apps


Integrated circuits (ICs) design, manufacturing, or testing and technologies helping in the development and manufacturing of ICs

Big Data Analytics

Applications to manage, visualize, and examine data which is complex in terms of volume, velocity, and variety

Local Services

Online platforms that connect consumers with local businesses for services across home, beauty & wellness, caregiving, and auto segments.

Smart Cars

Technologies enabling autonomous driving, connected cars; and solutions based on autonomous and connected cars

Sports Tech

Companies that cater to the needs of sportsmen, fans, and other major stakeholders in sports industry using technology

Secondhand Goods

Platforms enabling users to buy and sell pre-owned/second-hand consumer goods

Data as a Service

Companies that aggregate information from multiple sources, process it to enrich, cleanse/analyze it, and license it to other organizations

Auto Tech

Online platforms to facilitate the buying, selling and maintenance of new and used passenger and commercial vehicles


Technology solutions that enable brick and mortar retailers/brands to optimize their in-store operation

Online Grocery

Online platforms that enable individuals and businesses to order grocery products (food or nonfood items)

Sales Force Automation

Solutions that help organizational sales teams manage their inside/channel/field sales

Mobile Payments

Mobile solutions and technology providers that allow consumers and merchants to accept and make payments with their mobile phones

Wearable Technology

Companies developing wearable connected devices or enabling technologies for consumer and enterprise applications

Augmented Reality

Companies enabling the integration of computer-generated virtual scene with the user’s natural environment in real time

Virtual Reality

Immersive multimedia that digitally simulates physical presence in real or imagined worlds, and allows the user to interact with that world

SCM Software

Software solutions that help enterprises design, plan, manage, and control material supplies and accounts

Enterprise Networking

Tools and applications that connect communication systems and associated devices inside enterprise work groups

Enterprise Storage

Products that are designed to assist large organizations for saving and retrieving digital information

Smart Homes

Cloud-connected solutions making home appliances smart to enable automation

BigData Infrastructure

Technologies that enable storage and processing of data sets that are large and complex

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